Friday, March 04, 2011

Hog Lust

Unlike Phillip at the Hog Blog, I do not suffer from lusting after the blood of those nasty damn hogs. But, it is amazing to me the people that do.
One of the jokes in our camp is
If Mark had two bullets and a trophy buck and a hog came out in front of him, what would he do?
The answer is- shoot the hog twice.
Lots and lots of people that do not care for deer hunting can not wait to get a crack at a hog.
Maybe one day Phillip will come down to visit, maybe bring Holly with him, and show us how the heck you really get after those hogs. Waiting.


Greg said...

Hog hunting sounds like a good excuse to spend more time in the woods. A lot of states have hog hunting open year round. I've never seen any in my area, but I take the shot if I ever did.

Phillip said...

I'm waiting too, Rex! Trust me, ya'll obviously have too many hogs down there if even Yankees can kill 'em.

Sounds like the perfect place for me to visit!