Thursday, March 10, 2011

Turkey Season Starts Saturday

With all the hog blasting and skulking around to shoot one, the turkey season has slipped up on us. Dad left for camp this morning to finalize his blinds and try to roost a big gobbler.
I made the suggestion before he left that it would be wise to keep some buckshot or slugs handy in case hogs come out on him. Might get kind of hairy in a hurry.
Since there is killing to be done, my evil brother will be there. No, the one on the coast. Paul is also bringing up the illustrious walking encyclopedia, David Hyde. He never met a hog that didn't look better with a bullet in it.
Ought to be an interesting weekend.


mailrider said...

what ought to be fun to see is who will put the tire back on the bad boy. Paul? LOL Maybe Pop will talk david into it.

chris said...

what do you think of Kuiu? Do you like ther camo pattern?