Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Old Friend

Yes, I am on Facebook and for some reason most of my friends seem to be Insurance Agents. Very damn strange, but today an old friend contacted me and we are now friends (again). Bill was my best friend growing up and we drifted apart as we grew older, but there was a time when we hunted and fished all the time together, we chased the same girls, explored every scope of woods and hills in our part of the world, we skiied, drank, and spent weeks at the beach. We enjoyed life like it would never change. We graduated and went seperate ways. He went to the Army and I went to college and it was never the same again. I hope we can renew that friendship and I hope there is someone out there that you can renew old ties with again too.
There are some tremendous stories of things that we did that I will try to put on here as I can put them together.


mailrider said...

good to see bill is still going strong.Now that your socially connected- can we get some work done!

Hunting and fishing guide said...

Excellent, just shows there are some positive sides to social media. I wonder if I can catch up with some of my old friends.

Hope you can create some new hunting adventures for us to read about.