Monday, May 23, 2011

A Christmas Place Golf Junket

The best thing about going on a golf junket to the famous Christmas Place is that you still have time to shoot a big fat hog. Trent took his friend Carey Hart down to visit with us and Trent blasted this hog on friday afternoon.
The golf was average to awful for most of us, but this pic is of the group as we got ready to go over to Ribeyes for the big Crawfish Boil and Party in Yazoo city. I can't reveal what happened there under penalty of death but there were a lot of big women with tatoos stalking the dance floor.
Larry Trent, Bebo Howell, Trent Howell, Carey Hart, Mike Edwards
After Saturday night, they have all politely been told to stay the hell out of Yazoo City by the local police.


Phillip said...

That's a big ol' pig! Blasting pigs beats the tar out of golf on any given day anyway... still don't know why you'd want to chase those little white balls all over creation, and then knock them into the woods and chase them some more.

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it is a great achievement..u all did great work. hats off to u all..

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