Monday, May 02, 2011

Paul's Rebel Dream

This weekend my evil brother, Paul, came up to look around for a place to invest his ill-gotten gains. He loaded up everyone from the coast that had two nickels to rub together and came roaring into Oxford to find a mansion that he could make his home away from home.
He brought Mark and Donna Rose and Terry and Pam Cutrere to invest in his scheme but they were trying hard to hold onto their nickels.

We looked at all the big houses in town and had a great time, but I thnk his mouth may be bigger than his wallet.
We checked out Woodland hills, went out to Steeplechase and even looked at a house at Grand Oaks. A couple of the homes actually would be great investments and I don't want to burst his dream of brass buttons and big cigars but he might have to downgrade his thinking just a little.

We all enjoyed the double-Decker Festival and listened to the bands and walked the square and it was fun, but I don't expect Paul to pull the trigger on a home up here anytime soon.

On the bright side I recently heard of a great buy on a million dollar piece of property in Pakistan that he can probably buy at a really cheap price. The owner recently died of lead poisoning and it will be on the market soon.