Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How High's The Water Thunderhoof?

for those wondering about the water at the famous Christmas Place, we haven't received any flooding yet but check Marians's blog for some great pics of the flooding at Vicksburg.
We are expecting the water to get close to us but have not seen anything yet.


mailrider said...

Deer and hogs will be headed for higher ground of the Indian mound and the mountain. Sounds like we need a plan.

Marian Love Phillips said...

We should crest tomorrow at 57.5 feet. It will take another month or so for it to go down. So thankful that we are high and dry! I feel for the ones having to suffer through this. Thanks so much for the link Rex and do thank Thunderhoof for me! :)
PS: We had 1 of 4 wild boars three blocks from our house recently that came ashore...probably from the Christmas Place! :)