Friday, June 10, 2011

Appraisals From Hell

You would think doing home appraisals would be easy. You drive up to the house, get out and take a glance and you already know what it's worth. I haven't seen but ten billion just like it. So knowing the rough value is not a problem. Dealing with AMC's is the problem. They have ten thousand people sitting around an office with nothing to do except critique your appraisal after you submit it. They want corrections to make it fit perfectly into some system that they have and in rural Mississippi that is very difficult. These are the appraisals from hell that you can't get off your desk. I have had a slew of these lately. Thank god, I have work, and I am figuring out how to get past the pratfalls of having to do countless corrections so maybe I can blog a little more in the next few weeks.

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