Monday, August 15, 2011

Bear Claw's Folly

Bear Claw is the Mailriders wife. Her name is Kim and she is not interested in deer, deer hunting, or hunting land. So when Mark wanted to go ahead and bush-hog our land, I was surprised that she was coming down with him to see her great investment.
The premise was simple. Buy the land, put it up for sale, walk off with $100,000 and call it a day. It hasn't worked out so well though and we still have the land and the note.
Denise and I met Mark, Kim and Drew out at the place and we went to work. Kim pitched in, she is going to sell that land if it kills us all.
It's her fault, she knew better than to trust me with her money.

of us.

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mailrider said...

it turned out to be a great day to get some work done. Bearclaw worked on her tan and managed to get some brush cleared. It was good just to get back out to the place. Now all I need is a key to the gate!!