Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Morning Coming Down

My old friend at Charming, Just Charming uses that phrase and I understand it's implications. Here is the weekend roundup for Water Valley and the famous Christmas Place.
Water Valley won the ballgame 63-0 and I really felt bad for Coffeeville who had one of those nights where nothing went right. Our boys looked sharp and dominated the game. Should be a barnburner when Calhoun City rolls into town, PS. You would have thought we were playing those chumps at Germantown.
Dad got all the bulldozing done without loss of life. Trent got everything bushhogged. Three weeks 'till we plant and have our super WORK weekend.
Everyone is gearing up for college football this coming weekend when we will tailgate in the Grove and beat the crap out of those Mormons from BYU.
Hotty-Toddy! See you there!

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mailrider said...

Those Baby Blue Devils would be better off playing SP than mess with those Red Devils of Gtown