Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Dozing Time!


Once again the time of the year has come when my dad gets that glazed look in his eye you need to look out for. His hands itch for action, he can smell diesel fuel in the air and he longs for mass destruction. Yes, it is time for bulldozing at the famous Christmas Place.
It does not matter how much money we have, it does not matter what any of the members think, it does not make a hoot in hell about any argument you make, he gets the bulldozer going the way he wants it done.
This past weekend he cleared a new road out along the base of the bluffs for him to hunt squirrels or maybe pop a deer if he feels like it. Then he went and increased the size of Burney's field and made a loop up to T- Field and made it bigger. In between he pretended to smooth the roads going back and forth to these areas. Stay out of his way at this time of year or you may look like a flattened tin can. Will let you know when it is safe to come visit

1 comment:

mailrider said...

just think if paul bought daddy on of those for Christmas! No hog would be safe!