Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Call Of The Peanut

I don't understand much about pea-pickin or peanut gathering but I understand deer and hogs. The time that these two things meet is fast approaching as the 500 acres of peanuts at the famous Christmas Place are almost ready to harvest. What makes this special is that when the peanuts are picked; the first thing they do is turn them up out of the ground and let them lay about a week to dry. This should attract every varmint within 200 miles to come for a snack on our property. There ought to be a hog killin of monumental proportions then. If the farmer waits much later this could also intersect with the archery season opener and squirrel camp. Bring about 50 extra tons of ammo!
Yes, it is about to get very interesting.

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Phillip said...

Mmmm... goober fattened hogs!