Friday, September 23, 2011

Scary Stories Soon

It is almost October and I am working on a few scary stories for Halloween.This year I have been swamped and it is hard to gather the information that I need for most of the stories. Most of the people involved are dead or to scared to talk.
I have a few ideas though.
The Bell of the Tchula Racer.
A Wild Hog Eats A Lawyer (sorry, you wanted scary, not funny)
The Cold Spot
The Indian Burial Ground
I'm working but will try to get something together soon.
PS time to start getting Xmas photos in if you want me to do another Xmas Card.

1 comment:

Texas hunting ranch said...

We are here waiting for your stories.
Take your time and scared us all with the stories.
If you want any help from us you are always welcome.