Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Deer Season Looms

Now that football season is over.....
we can start concentrating on what is important. Deer Season!
This coming weekend is the time to start breaking fields and getting ready to plant. The ground should be soft after all the rain we have had and it should go quickly. If you have any special blend food plot mixtures you want me to test, please send them now. No, marijuana is not a winter grass.
Peanuts are coming along and should be ready for harvesting in a few weeks. First they turn them up and let them sit and dry for a week. There should be a hog killing of epic proportions when that happens. Will let you know what's shaking at the famous Christmas Place.

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Bear said...

I don't care what the song says, the next two months will be the most wonderful time of the year! Love hangin' in a tree with my bow!

Wish you guys luck in the upcoming seasons...