Monday, December 05, 2011

Pressure Relief

Everyone poured into camp on Friday to hunt that afternoon and before you could say "Where Did Satan go?" gunfire erupted over the hill.
Paul had us go help him drag in this fine 8-point from some ungodly canyon that night. He spent the rest of the night drinking, bragging, crowing and giving us hell. For most of us, it looked like another long season starting.
I went to my stand with a heavy heart and saw nothing the next morning and decided to give the old college try to my stand up the lake. This pretty nine point came in chasing a doe and I got him in the boat and back to camp way before dark. Now the pressure is off.
Burney got a hog later and that was that. So the pressure is off Trent, Paul and myself. I don't know if I will get another buck but I am about to get after some damn hogs.


DeanO said...

Awesome - Since Thanksgiving it's been a hard hunt here in N. GA. I talk with friends from two different hunting clubs and the numbers are way down. I've seen more does hit by cars then from the stand. Congrats on your great deer

Lindsjö taxar said...

Congratulations to the deer. Interesten hunting blog you have. We hunt hogs in Sweden. In the south we have lots of them.

Bear said...

Nice bucks guys.... congrats!

whitetail hunts said...

Congrats Burney the buck is looking really good.
Great job.

Phillip said...

Man, I'm jealous! My deer season (what little of it I had time for) has been over for more than a month. I'm getting the jones!

Might have to make do with a hog or two.