Thursday, December 15, 2011

Satan Goes Click!

I don't know why bucks are attracted to him, what with the fire, smoke and smell of brimstone surrounding him, but they do. My evil brother (no, Paul)
likes to use his shiny new muzzle-loader and brags about how great it is.
Satan sat in his stand as bucks ran all around him. A big 10 point walked up to him (perfect) and he leveled his trusty muzzle-loader and pulled the trigger. CLICK!
Click? Oh crap! CLICK! The buck, surprised to be alive, staggered off. No amount of cursing or fiddling with the infernal gun would make it work. Later he called and asked what he should do. My advice was to take the damn thing and sling it as far out into the lake as he could and go buy a 45/70.
We will find out just how smart he is very soon.

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