Monday, March 04, 2013

Hog Camp 2013

First, I want you to know there was a blizzard. Phillip brought it in with him from Texas and the reason I did not get a hog was because of the total white-out conditions. Camo got lost in a snowdrift!
But, like the Indians, I endeavor to persevere. 2nd, it did not slow those other hog hunting fools down one bit. The Colonel started it off with this big black nasty creature.
The snow was coming down sideways but they proceeded to blast hogs right and left. here is Davin, Roundtree and Gonzo

. Tim got a hog with a very long shot from his 7 mag and Brian Henry ran into a whole herd of hogs and when the group went to get his hog, they ran into them again. Here is our camp photo.
Everyone got some shooting and 15 hogs were taken. A very successful hunt and a lot of thanks to Burney for organizing everything. And Phillip, I hope he had a great time and will return. He was a great guest and a pleasure to be around.