Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Poof Of Feathers

Dad has gone crazy. this is his favorite time of year and he has been busy building turkey blinds, working on his turkey calling, shining up his shotgun and in general making a damn nuisance of himself. Yes, turkey season starts this weekend and he is rarin' to go. He has his eye on three big gobblers that have been making daily appearances over near the Sneaky Stand and hopefully he will get one early this year. Paul, Michael and Stewart "Blood Trail" Allen will be there too. I will be at the Green Gala with Denise, more on that later.. Hope for a poof of feathers from old Dad this weekend!


Phillip said...

Wish him good luck from me, although I don't think he's gonna need much luck. With an incredible place like that to hunt, how can he go wrong?

Deer Passion said...

I hope he gets lucky!! (Haha!)