Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dad Lowers The Boom!

Dad has been after the turkeys and after last weekend when a whole passel got away, he determined to get one or not come back. At daylight this morning he was on the edge of the Levee Field when the whole woods started shaking from the gobblers cutting loose on the top of the ridge behind him. Dad has reached the stage where he can't hear thunder, so if he heard them gobble, they may have been sitting on the other end of the log with him. He perked a few times to get their attention. Anyway, a hen flew into the field and then 4 more worked down to him. The gobblers shut up and the hens wandered off. It grew quiet, Dad panicked1 What to do? What to do? He pulled the gobbler call out and hit it. Yabba-Yabba-Yabba! The gobblers cut loose too! They were right behind him! holy crap! Two were right behind him as he tried to turn and get his gun up. He froze, they froze. Mistake. BOOM! The biggest gobbler rolled and Dad tried to get up from the log. His legs wouldn't work. They started going different directions. The turkey flopped off into the woods! Holy Crap! Dad thought he was going to have to crawl after the damn turkey or shoot himself if it got away. Finally, using the shotgun as a crutch and shaking some feeling into his old legs he staggered off into the brush and found his big gobbler. 22 pounds, 9 1/2 inch beard. Can't wait for the pictures. Congratulations Dad!


Tim said...

Awesome Job!

Marian Love Phillips said...

My congrats to your Dad, Rex! So cool! Can't wait to see the pictures either! :)