Monday, September 30, 2013

A Finishing Touch

This past weekend at the famous Christmas Place we got the rest of the fields fertilized and planted. After the recent rain, the ground broke up easily and we planted everything very quickly without having to die in 100 degree heat. We are very close to being ready for deer season, with only a few hard to reach fields that need over-seeding and to go and check all the stands to make sure they are safe and usable. This is a pic of us at noon Sunday relaxing and enjoying the cool weather around a small fire before going home. Paul Jones, Stewart Allen, Greg Jones, Dad, and Paul Howell. Trent had already left. We had drinks and mostly talked about the upcoming squirrel camp.
It was great to see Greg Jones at camp again as he has been conspicuously absent sent the woodpecker incident as you know. (Don't ask) He says he will be at squirrel camp.

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