Monday, December 02, 2013


Things have really changed at the famous Christmas Place Plantation and Exotic Petting Zoo since Trent killed that monster buck. The bar has been raised to such a standard that everyone is afraid to shoot a deer because it might be too small. So I am reduced to have all these nice bucks wandering around under my stand and can't make myself shoot one. Thinking about shooting myself... or Trent.
I guess I am becoming some kind of zookeeper. All I need is a pith hat and a net, no rifle required.
So if you come to our petting zoo, bring corn to feed the varmints but you will not need a gun.


Sandy Kyle Rivers said...

It really shows how you love your job :) Keep it up! Keep hunting! said...

Enjoy deer hunting during the winter months in Michigan and get in early in the morning when the sun rises and put on my randolph engineering aviator sunglasses