Monday, August 25, 2014

A Real Treasure Hunt

After my father died (or left for an extended stay at Paradise Hills Golf Club), we found a strange envelope in his lockbox here in Water Valley. The writing on it says it is a Treasure Map for all the Grandkids. For months we have been planning on the Treasure Hunt and it has finally arrived. It is set for this coming Labor Day weekend at the famous Christmas Place
We have not opened the envelope mainly because my evil brother (no, Paul) might be out there digging for it day and night. He said he would leave an IOU in the chest. So everyone is slated to arrive and we will open the letter Saturday morning. Needless to say everyone is excited and ready to start digging.
We have talked it over and here are a few things most of the kids will need to find the hidden Treasure.
map, compass, shovel, 100 ft of rope, snake boots, machete, insect repellent, flashlight, chainsaw, spelunker gear, a case of dynamite, aqualung, flares, tent (just in case), GPS, bulldozer, calculus book, night vision goggles, a canary, MRE's, divining rods, pocket watch, come-along, outboard motor, generator and jack hammers, everyone should carry a hog rifle and plenty of bullets, a copy of dad's book, JEFF'S GOD. Also rain gear and matches maybe a flamethrower, magnifying glass, metal detector, backhoe, level, survey instrument, jungle hat, walkie-talkie and a whistle.
I will add the important stuff later. Happy Hunting!

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