Monday, August 04, 2014

Watermelon Carnival 2014

the weather was perfect, the people were everywhere and I think that the entire town had a good time.
Here is a pic of part of the group we had at my office Friday night. Any resemblance to humans is entirely coincidental and unbelievable.
The twins Paul the terrible and Keith Hart, back row Steve Hill, Joe Black, Sam Goodwin, the young boy is Sam's grandson I think.
I would show a pic of Trent but I think it would be unwise. Lots of music from a really good band Friday night, perfect weather when I gave out my Watermelon Chap Stick to all the ladies Saturday morning. (I have a few left if you come by). Later Sat afternoon we headed to the golf course, of course.

Saturday morning, this 3rd place melon was 125 pounds, and we did keep James from stealing it,
and making a beehive out of it.

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