Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Dad, The Grove, and Beating Alabama

By the time Denise and I got to the Grove Saturday, Paul and 50,000 of my closest friends were already raising hell. It was standing room only and you could tell something special was in the air. I received a toddy for breakfast found my brother James and just watched the sea of humanity boil in front of me. Paul was in winning form and proceeded to tell anyone that would listen that we were about the kick the crap out of BAMA. My cousin Kent made his was through the crowd and shook hands and we talked about how wild it was and then Paul said "You know, today is Dad's birthday, and I talked to him last night and he and I are gonna take care of Alabama today." Kent said "Really, today's Uncle Hershey's Birthday? Paul  said "yea" He said "Let's drink a toast to him, and we 4 each had a shot of straight Ezra Brooks when Kent said "to Hershel!" Needless to say Dad took care of the rest with a little help from us, and the Ole Miss Rebels. 23-17 Rebs Win.

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