Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The PARTY In the Grove

(Oxford,MS) Intercepted in the Endzone!!!!!! We watched the big screen on the review and the crowd went crazy when Senquez Golson got his foot down on the interception that sealed the win for the Ole Miss Rebels. Two plays later the game was over and the victory was ours. The sold out crowd went absolutely ape-shit crazy. People screamed and shouted, they clapped and sang, they threw their shoes in the air, I saw grown women and men crying, there was drinking and partying in the stands and hugs and Hotty-Toddy's to everyone around us. On the field a human sea of people rushed back and forth hugging and screaming, back-slapping and thanking the players and coaches. The goalpost came down and I don't know how many babies were conceived right there on the turf. It was the wildest thing I have ever seen or been part of, and the party hadn't even started.
We staggered back to the Grove and the party was rocking! Whiskey flowed like a river, Music pounded everywhere, continuous toasts were given and the cry "I Was There" was screamed by thousands.
Music played, People danced, I must have heard the Hotty-Toddy cheer 10,000 times, people got drunk, I got drunk, we all got drunk, we all lost our voices, women ripped off their brassieres and threw them into the crowds, 10,000,000 pictures were taken, the phone system crashed, and people hugged and cried and kissed and shook hands and laughed and sang and smiled and drank into the wee hours. I swear in my drunken stupor I saw Thunderhoof trot past with two naked women on his back that vaguely looked like Denise and Wanda, and I swear I saw a naked guy wearing a red sombrero chasing cheerleaders through the grove. Jose Valdez ????
It was the Greatest Game and the Greatest Party in Ole Miss History.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Where are your pix...we would love to see them

Carla Dillon said...

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