Thursday, October 30, 2014

Paul's Typical Work Weekend

This past weekend was the Big Work Weekend to get all the stands and fields finished before gun season rolls around. My brother, Satan, had his typical work weekend and got a big hog while the rest of us worked. To make matters worse, he left us short-handed and took his evil twin out bow hunting and Terry got this nice doe with his bow.


Lacey Rockwell said...

I love deer hunting! Ever since I was little I have gone out with my dad and brothers. I remember when I drew out for the first time, it was like Christmas morning! That was years ago, but my love for the outdoors hasn't changed a bit. I also love elk hunting, bear, duck, pheasant, and turkey hunting. I can't imagine life without being in the outdoors.

Paul Herman said...

I remember when I used to go deer hunting when I was a kid. My dad would take me hunting with him, and sometimes we would be lucky enough to catch a couple of bucks. My dad knows how to skin deer to make jackets and bags. I still have a few of the deer skin jackets and bags he's made for me. He also knew how to make some really tasty deer jerky. That was my favorite snack as a kid.