Monday, August 03, 2015

A Rowdy and Rousing Carnival 2015 -Friday Night

Friday was setup day and the park was busy as vendors set up their wares. Tourists and gawkers wandered the park looking for early deals and kids headed for the center of the park to congregate and hang out. We set chairs on the porch, stocked up on refreshments, and put the Tiki-lamps out to await the coming night and for the band and street dance to start.
As dark fell and the Blue Moon rose, the band started and the music drifted over the crowd that had been gathering in the streets. Great band, Great music and the foot-stomping began as people rushed to join in the dancing. Our torches lit up our little yard and people started drifting over to cool off and have a drink. The best part of the Carnival to me is people visiting us, enjoying the music and renewing old ties. Of course we did a little dancing ourselves.

Here are Denise and Rebecca dancing and laughing at my great dancing ability for some reason.

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Phillip said...

Where's the video? Live footage of Rex dancing ought to be worth some sort of viral award.