Friday, August 07, 2015

The Ghostly Reunion of the Class of 1975

Back when Dinosaurs roamed, my brother Satan, aka Paul graduated from Water Valley High School in the Class of 1975. Since he just bought the completely restored WV hospital as his home and it is the most haunted house in Mississippi, it was natural to make that the location of his 40th High School Reunion.
The reunion was set outside with a great band, festive lights and decorated tables plus all the food and drink you could ever want. The night was mild and everyone was in a great mood. The music started at 7PM and all his old pals were there.
Jim Hedges, Mark Larson, Al Reed, Spud Boydston, Steve Hill, Keith Marchbanks, Duck Holloway, Ronnie Snider and many more. It was great to see what good men they all had turned out to be.
The ladies were there too, and as beautiful as they were in High School. Nita Thompson, Beth McMillan, Malinda Hill, Dreeva Dickey, Rhonda Moore, Paula Hill, Vivian Snider and lots of others.
The old saying is that the whiskey flowed like water and it did. Did I mention that the band was great? Everyone danced and either made friendships or renewed them.
Upstairs in the attic weird lights moved with the music and we knew the ghosts were having a great time too! They hadn't had so much fun since the end of Prohibition!
Denise and I danced the night away and her daughter Sadie was the hit of the party dancing with everyone. God help us, but I saw Paul dancing with Wanda too. My brother Beelzebub, James, was there too. He circled the field and was a great guest talking and dancing and greeting the 1975 classmates like old friends.
The truth is this, it was one of the best parties I have been to in Water Valley, MS and if you missed it, then the fault is on you.
Paul is now thinking about a yearly reunion party at his house. I'm in.
I have pics, not great, but if you have better, send them and I will post.


Denise and James?

Sadie looking great!

even Brock had to Rock!


Jim Hedges said...

Rex, I have to agree. It was a great party, and we all appreciated so much work that Paul and Wanda put into it, as well as the other classmates who were on the committee. Seeing you and Jamie was a huge bonus for me. Van and I spent almost as much time with the Howells as we did the Hedges, and those times were well spent and are fondly remembered. It was great to see y'all.

Deepster Langan said...
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