Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A Rowdy And Rousing Carnival 2015- Saturday

Friday night ended with a great fireworks display over the town. Unfortunately I had to get up early to be at the Carnival the next morning to give out our free samples to the crowds. I swept the beer cans and drunks off the porch and got ready to enjoy the spectacle.
The Carnival morning started in Grand style as "Barn Storming Billy Wenchell" circled the park in his WWI biplane and attempted to dive into a pickle barrel from 1500 ft. He din't make it and they hauled his drunk self to the curb for the ambulance to get him. Then Phil and his Prancing Pachyderms showed up to prance and preen for the public. 12 large elephants covered with oriental blankets and gold headdresses that stood on their back feet and did great tricks until my brother, James, offered one a little slice of watermelon. He ate it, gave a loud trumpet and headed for the largest trailer of watermelons belonging to the Pullen boys, with 11 other elephants right behind! They threw melons, they bashed them on trees, the sidewalks, on people. They threw them at each other's head and licked the juice off. It was pandemonium as the elephants demolished the melons and the Pullen boys scattered. In 15 minutes the Watermelon Carnival Committee purchased 143 watermelons and 1 used 1983 Chevy pickup. That was plenty of action for the morning.
Denise and Sadie showed up later and we strolled the park and did a few things, like rock climb, bought a few things, checked out the 138 lb melon that won the Grand Prize but I was worn out and wanted to rest before the BIG PARTY that night.

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