Monday, December 21, 2015

A Perfect Still Hunt Weekend

Success, success, success. The members at the famous Christmas Place enjoyed a perfect weekend at camp with the rut in full swing. Of six hunters, 5 got their buck. You had to hide behind a tree to load your gun because of all the bucks running amok. two 12 points (Burney and Michael), a nine point (Paul)  and 2 eights (Rex and Mark). Of course I had the largest deer at over 200 pounds, but the rest of the smaller deer were nice too :)


mailrider said...

It was as good as it gets. Perfect weather at the perfect time. It will be almost impossible to have a better weekend hunting.

Lisa said...

Well, with the bucks running amok, it probably made for an even more thrilling hunt. Looks like it was such a good time!