Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Deerses Are Sweet, But So Is Sugar

No deer for Thanksgiving. We have not had this bad a record since Moses hunted here. Speaking of which, this deer camp has only done one thing all year and that is follow those Ole Miss Rebels day and night. So less deer, more football. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice.
Now things are really heating up as it looks like the Rebels have a real chance to be in the Sugar Bowl this New Years Day and if we go, the whole damn camp will be there, so no deer for New Years either. What is the world coming to.
Ole Miss has not been to the Sugar Bowl since 1970. (Yes that is the same age as Trent's flip phone.)
Look out New Orleans, the Christmas Place fanatics are coming!


Phillip said...

Good luck with that, boys!

I'd rather be deer hunting.

Xheyrae Fox said...

I missed deer hunting...
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Lai Weizhou said...
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