Tuesday, January 22, 2019

An Email From Captain Blood

These photos were supposedly taken Sunday at the famous Christmas Place and were emailed to me from someone named Captain Blood. There are no people in the photos and most of the camp members have already started screaming Fake News at the email, except from Smirking Paul Howell.
Supposedly this tiny 150 lb. deer had this large rack and was killed on the Spike Camp by the anonymous journalist/lawyer.
If you wish to respond to this prankster his email is


Marian Ann Love said...

I can't believe that Captain Blood got another nice buck! He's either lucky or it's FAke news for sure. Even his email is fake! Can't congratulate him at all! :)

Mailrider said...

So, El Capitane Blood , the scruge of the Christmas Place strikes again. Is that enough blood left to quinch his thurst? One last weekend left to see!