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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Smooth Weekend

For once everything was relaxed at the Christmas Place. No one was too worried about getting a deer, it was more of just a good fun time. Denise went hunting with me for a hog. She couldn't shoot a deer but something about those hogs gets her blood up.
At night it was warm enough to have a fire outside, we ate hearty, talked and just enjoyed wrapping up the season.
This weekend will wrap up the season, and it has been a good one.
The Great Hog Hunt will be coming up around the end of February which should be fun. Ground Deer Day is February 2 when all the bucks peep out of their holes to see if it is safe. There will be reports on that stupid Thunderhoof too.
We will look for shed antlers (like Steve), scout and explore the property and then it will be turkey season.


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