Monday, January 25, 2010

A Trio Of Pairs

The weather was finally warmer this weekend at the famous Christmas Place and Dad decided to give the ducks one last try. Early saturday morning his shotgun started blasting over at the Pond Stand and he managed to finally get some ducks. He brought in a pair of wood ducks that morning (the first ducks of the year for him).
Burney came in Saturday morning and headed to the Slough while Trent went up to the GraveYard. A pair of does were taken that afternoon by them and as it got late on Saturday and everyone was coming in, rifle shots erupted at the Pivot off the Big Field. Paul and our old friend David Hyde were there as two hogs came out at pitch dark. They counted One...Two...Three and both rifles roared. A nice pair of wild hogs bit the dust. Here is a pic of the hog hunters.

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HuntFishLive said...

I wish we had hogs here, that would be a blast. check out my blog