Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Hog Menace

Last night Trent, Dad and I drove to Coffeeville to a wild hog seminar given by the state. They covvered history, disease and the population growth of swine in the U.S. It was interesting and informative but on leaving I felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie. This is what I learned.
1. You have got a problem.
2. You are on your on.
Luckily for me, I know a man that never met a hog that wouldn't look better with a bullet in him.

P.S. (3 men)- see comments


mailrider said...

There is only one thing that will stop those hogs---HATE

Brandon Emerson said...

I'll drop any hog I see, I have grown to be a hog hater myself

Phillip said...

Did someone say, "hogs?"

I like that summary of the seminar there, Rex. "You've got a problem. You're on your own!"

That sounds like open season to me! Stack the hickory and fire up the cooker, it's bbq time!