Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weekend Was A "10"

This weekend it was cold as a Canuckian deer hunter. I hunted the point and it was 9 degrees wind chill that morning. The upside was that the deer were moving like crazy.
At 8:40AM this 10-point came by your friendly neighborhood blogger and I blasted him at about 75 yards. This is basically the end of my hunting and a great way to end it.
Being the nice guy I am, I gave everyone else hell the rest of the day. the deer weighed 215 lbs. and was really nice but later Mark was feeling so bad, and pitiful, and dejected, and disadvantaged that I took pity on him and told him where to go hunt a deer that I had been saving for next year. I was tired of his moping around and whining. He quickly blasted this fine 10 point at the Cheeseburger Stand and came in with a giant smile and handshakes all around (he tried to screw it up but got lucky). Congratulations Mark, that is a mule!
Anyway two really nice 10-points for the weekend.


Marian Love Phillips said...

Congrats Rex and to Mark for putting down two very nice 10 pointers! Way to go! :)

JDP said...

Great looking buck Rex! Did Mark bag his buck with a handgun?


Editor said...

no, he thinks a hog is going to get him

Anonymous said...

Rex-Where are the Tennessee hogkillers pictures?

Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures of the Tennessee hogslayers from Saturday night.


Editor said...

hope to get those pics up in a post tomorrow

mailrider said...

Thanks Marian. Rex is right about the cold. Man it was COLD! Lucky is also the word. The deer came right out in the middle of the field, and my gun when"click". I managed to get another one in but shot through a pine thicket.Just to get one chance at a deer like this is luck, but two chances? I've used up all my luck for the near future.
JDP-- the 45 is for the hogs but I was about to use it if time ran out. Many times we have walked up on some hogs just out scouting or walking to your stand. Figured it would give me more than one shot at these pests
Lastly,(and this hurts) Rex does build a great stand. Well hidden and camoed(those pine branches sucked partner). gives you a great view of the field, right on top of the deer.Even Paul could kill a deer their!!

Brandon Emerson said...

quote of the trip..."MMUUULLLEEEEEEEE"

Phillip said...

Dang, that's another nice buck for ya, Rex! Congrats. And mighty nice of you to share your deep knowledge of field and stream with Mark.