Monday, April 28, 2008

The Last Straw

I woke up early Saturday morning to the sound of wood cracking and jumped out of bed half asleep. I quickly looked out the window and there was that stupid deer (you know who) rubbing his head against the side of the Old House on our property. He either had a flea or a tick and was raking the boards off the wall as he scratched away.
Suddenly the whole wall shifted, the gaint deer jumped aside and the whole wall fell off the side of the house! I stood there completely dazed and confused. Thunderhoof then sauntered off in the general direction of Dads' garden. When Dad got in from turkey hunting he was so mad he could spit nails after he saw the devastation and then found the deers' tracks all in his garden. "That's the last straw for that damn Varmint. If I even see that horrible thing around here again, I am going to use my shotgun to fill him full of turkey shot!"
Mark points out the scene of the crime below.
I do not think Thunderhoof was real impressed.


SimplyOutdoors said...

That danged Thunderhoof at it again. He must be one big deer to be causing that kind of damage.

Moose said...

I've heard of Wolves doing this kind of damage but never a deer. Of course wolves only do this to get after the little pigs. Maybe Thunderhoof is acting out his bedtime stories. I hope you get him the only suggestion would be to leave out 3 bowls of poorage and look for old Thunderhoof to fall asleep in one of the beds. Good Luck


GUYK said...

Ain't no telling what your gonna find when you start carrying that old building away..may be some bones in the closets..

Blessed said...

Thunderhoof was probably just trying to help you out - you won't know for sure until you get that building tore down... He's been so hard for you to get that he must have some special powers or something!