Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Watermelon Pageant

Green Rind, MS> This past weekend was the annual Watermelon Pageant in Water Valley. All the local young ladies vie for the title of the Watermelon Queen to represent us at the Watermelon Carnival. There are lots of different age groups so everyone gets involved. This year my two coons were in the competition.

This is Contestant #16
She enjoys talking on the cell phone with her friends,
playing on the computer, talking, riding 4-wheelers, snoring,
blogging, talking and watching movies.
Contestant #16

This is Contestant #13
She enjoys talking on the cell phone to anyone that will answer, riding 4-wheelers,
cheerleading, talking, talking , driving her father crazy, spending money, facebook,
and reading (ha-ha)
Contestant #13

Erin (contestant 16) 4th Alternate
Sarah (contestant 13) 1st Alternate


Ralphd00d said...

Well? Ya didn't say how those two beautiful girls did....

Ralphd00d said...

neveermind - I saw the standings on the Deer Camp Jr blog.

Phillip said...

Beautiful girls, Rex! I know they win first prize in your heart every day!

Marian Love Phillips said...

You are so lucky to have two beautiful girls to be a Daddy too...My congrats to both Erin and Sarah. :)

SimplyOutdoors said...

Erin sure looks different without the deer blood all over her face.

Congrats to both the girls, including our little Jr. Deer Camp blogger.

H2o said...

You better find you a huge stick to beat those boys off.

kevin said...

I think your going to have to start to display the guns in the living room along with a message that you know how to shoot them...And maybe enroll those girls in some Karate as well so they can beat those boys to a bloody pulp.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, to you AND yours!