Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lock, Load and Link

It has been a while since I put up anything about my blog links. Luckily it continues to grow even though several bloggers are taking the summer off.
I have added 2 links this week and want to mention one that I have not written about earlier.

The first is Days Afield. this blog is out of New Jersey and has some great scenery shots, videos and stories from his deer hunts, etc. A good writer with an eye for a story. Pretty darn good blog for a Yankee.
I need him to come down here and enjoy this nice warm spell we are having so far this summer.

The second is a blog called Great Wildlife Vacations. Sarah and Chance Donohue are traveling the world finding the best vacations spots for the outdoorsman and family.
hiking, fishing, scenic waterfalls and hidden valleys are all out there to be enjoyed. Plus, you can find a great hunting trip with them. Check them out.
If you book a trip to see KeesKennis in Africa, remember to sleep with a loaded gun.

The third blog is The Sporting Shooter Blog by James Marchington. He's across the pond in Britain and is the editor of Sporting Shooter Magazine. He is pretty interesting and gets into the bushcraft a bit and can whack a ferret and pop a goose or grouse every now and then. I need to get him over to the famous Christmas Place to see how he is with a deer. Please go by and visit these bloggers, leave some comments, and hey! encourage them to join the OBS.


Kristine said...

Wow, this has been the day for blog links. It's nice to see information on some many outdoor blogs.

You're right though Rex, we've got to convince them all to support the OBS.

KeesKennis said...

You running scared?
I can allways teach a sunday morning class on loading, guns or trucks, if that would help.