Monday, June 02, 2008

Rat Killing Results

Needless to say everyone had a great time, everyone made some good shots and some lousy ones too. Strangely, the teams ended up that everyone came out pretty close to even on the bets. I also think everyone got a sunburn.
The players in the picture below (left to right)
Guy Dale Shaw, Barry Weeks, Larry Trent, Hershel Howell, Joe Black, Johnny Sayle, Trent Howell, Rex Howell
Golf was played, whiskey flowed, lots of great stories were told and way too many golf strokes were taken.
It was not as much fun as a day at the beach with KeesKennis, but everyone had a great time. I would tell you more but everyone knows that "What Happens At Deer Camp, Stays at Deer Camp."