Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Welcoming New Links

First, I want to let everyone know that Steve Creek is back on the blogroll. He ran The Shed Antler blog for awhile but is now more into Wildlife Photography. Steve was one of my first links and I really miss his old blog. (He won't take my advice to just go ahead and combine the two.) Do understand this, He is an excellent photographer with wonderful pics that will delight your heart and make you come back for more. Please go visit his site at Steve Creek Outdoors.
What about Sparky? This is the affectionate name we gave Bob Phillips when he came to our camp after suffering a stroke. He moved so slowly that the name Sparky seemed just right. He and Marian have turned into two of my dearest friends. Bob has his own blog now called Two Dogs Tall. You will have to read it to learn how he got that nickname. Bob has lots of interests, but right now he is really into knives. Please go over and visit and make sure to add him to your blogroll.
Truthfully, I don't know much about elkses. Most of the shows I watch have some guy blowing a trumpet until a whole gaggle of them start running up to commit suicide. according to my friend Dennis Carroll this is not the way it really works. He runs a blog simply called, Montana Elk Hunting. Some of the massive elk he photographs are almost as big as Thunderhoof! He is a hunter and outfitter that knows his business. Before you go on a trip out there, I suggest you read his blog a bit and maybe email him to line things up. Go to his blog to say hi, check his stories of elk, the mountains and the big spaces of Montana. Tell him there is a deer down here with his name on it and they are a whole lot harder to hunt.


Steve Creek said...

Thanks for the great welcome back. I did think long and hard on bringing The Shed Antler site back but have decided to just share my wildlife photos. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed that site and the people I met. I do still have the shedantler.net domain name if someone is interested enough in shed antler hunting to start a blog. I would be glad to help them get started.
Thanks again Rex, you were one of the first great friends I met and am glad I did.

Tom said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I've read your blog more than once before and I am always entertained.
The ones you have listed here are great too!

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