Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Preliminary Cover- Jeff's God

No, I have no idea what the surprise ending is. He has changed it around so much over the last twenty years that I have no idea.
PS- Dad has agreed to donate $1 per copy for every book we sell off this site to help raise money for the Outdoor Bloggers Summit. Hopefully the OBS site will post the book for sale too.


Rhonda B. said...

Very Nice! I look forward to reading.

Deer Passion said...

I think the cover looks great!! And tell him thank you for the generous support to the OBS!

Marian Love Phillips said...

Rex - can't wait to read your Dad's book. If it's like the first one, I know it will be really good. Nice of him to donate $1 per copy to our OBS! Thanks Hershel! :)

Anonymous said...

The cover looks great.

We will certainly post the book for sale on the OBS site. He is being very generous to us, and the least we can do is help make some sales.