Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Toby Tubby's Gold (2)

As with most people, my grand thought on finding the grave of the rich Indian quickly faded. Work, Life, Kids, and the real world have a habit of intruding on grand schemes and ideas. So after a couple of months, the idea was way on the back burner until I received an appraisal assignment on Coon Town Rd.
The assignment was for a little FHA style brick home near the boat landing at the end of the old road. It was what I consider a cookie-cutter job that I should be able to get the pics, info and do the walk- through in about 20 minutes. The thought of this being the beginning of my hunt for Chief Toby Tubby never entered my mind.
The Coon Town Road begins at a three way split in front of the old College Hill Church and as I turned onto the road, the thought of the destroyed historical marker and my Aunts’ words came back to me. I completed the field part of the appraisal and returned to the church, turned north for a quarter mile and stated looking for what was left of the marker.
I found the site, pulled over and went to take a closer look. All that was left was the concrete slab partially pulled out of the ground and part of the twisted metal pole that had held the square green tribute for Toby Tubby.
It had taken some work to remove the marker and it did not make sense. Drunk college students at Ole Miss might have done it, but it would have taken a lot of exertion. The concrete slab had to be at least three feet thick and a big truck would have had to be used to pull and twist the marker off. It seemed like a pretty stupid prank to me and the odds were that someone would be caught sooner or later showing it off on campus or in a dorm room.

I returned up the road and stopped at the Church. I did not know why, but I wanted to walk around it and just look. It had been at least 20 years since I had walked the grounds and the history of the land, the old legend and I think a little of missing my grandmother swept over me. I walked up the old brick path.

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