Monday, April 27, 2009

Turkeys 2, Hershel 0

Hershel Howell went across the beaver dam to hunt at the Box Field on friday morning. He set his decoys and relaxed. Turkey sign was plentiful and it was a beautiful morning. No sight or sound of turkeys, as he used his bag of tricks, until a little after 8 o'clock. Then he heard the distinctive gobble of an old gobbler about a hundred yards down the ridge. He worked the turkey for about an hour until he saw movement heading his way and a hen and the big gobbler came out heading for his decoys. It gets a little foggy after this.
Dad says the Gobbler was standing in the wide open at 26 steps in full strut when he pulled the trigger. The turkey jumped, then flew across the field and took off running like a racehorse. He stared, completely amazed that the dead turkey was still hauling booty down through the woods. He looked and looked, no gobbler. He returned to camp disgusted with himelf and making noises that he was too damn old and feeble to kill a turkey. Says he is a has-been. Please leave a few encouraging words.
Remember- It is better to be a has-been than a never-been.


Anonymous said...

Tell that Silver Fox its not time to head for the house yet!
~Ms. Scratch

Phillip said...

There appears to be a run on bullet-proof turkeys this year.

I had two of them shrug off full loads of Winchester Supreme, 3" magnum #5 shot. They must be bullet proof, or they've developed a deflection shield.

At first I thought it was just me, and I missed, but after reading reports from Arthur and a couple of other bloggers, I'm seeing a trend this year. I'm sure that's what Hershel ran up against too.

Not sure what we're going to have to add to our turkey vests to set this right.

gary said...

My theory is its in the Shells. I think the manufacturers are having a laugh at our expense, putting together loads with huge holes in the pattern.

Tell him to dig the old double side by side out and fire them both same time, that'll fill in the holes. Beware though, it may cause early retirement from turkey hunting as I don't know if any turkey thats worth that kind of punishment.

SimplyOutdoors said...

I don't think it has anything to do with being a has-been. I'm not even a gonna-be yet, and they keep fooling me.

I think Phillip is right - I think it must be armor or something that they're wearing.

Get back out there, and knock one down. If I could get a night without a thunderstorm, I'd be back out there.

Goon said...

That is one big lab. Bullet proof vest for turkeys. :)