Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Confederate Map 10

It took awhile after I had found the strange looking wrench to figure what in the world to do next. I took the three items I had and placed them on the kitchen table one night and tried to decide exactly what to do or was my little quest over with.

The journal of Julian Christmas had been incredible but I had read and re-read it from cover to cover many times. I had even examined it for invisible ink like in that movie.
Nothing else was there.

I laid the strange wrench out and studied it. I picked it up and looked through the little square hole, used a magnifying glass to see if there was any writing on it besides the obvious Masonic symbols on it.
There was no clue on it.

The third thing I had was a little box that I had discovered in the cornerstone of the old house. I opened the box and took out a little handmade wooden key. I was pretty sure it was made out of one of the plentiful Bodock trees on the place. That wood lasts forever.
I knew the key opened something, like a treasure chest, but I still had no idea where to use it and the little box had no writing or clues inside.
Another dead end.

Cookie had figured out that the rock carvings on the property had a clever code hidden inside the drawings. Confederate Navy Semaphore signals that had helped me get this far.
I talked to him but that was all he could figure out. Maybe we both had missed something is all I could imagine.
On a Saturday, I took a pad and made an effort to draw the strange symbols exactly as they were on the rocks. You could tell some were older than others, but I wrote them all down anyway. I figured I had better start acting like Sherlock Holmes if I ever wanted to get to the end of the mystery. It was right in front of me but darned if it did not take me 'till spring to figure it out; and only then completely by accident.

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