Monday, May 11, 2009

A Surprisingly Fun Festival

Water Valley, MS> The annual Founders Day/ Market Fest started off early with rain but it managed to quit in time for everything to get started. The streets were busy with shoppers and venders; and kids were everywhere. The most important thing that happened that morning was that Camo was named the town mascot and given the key to the City.
Afterwards Camo played checkers and beat Charmie 3 times but she finally beat that stupid dog at dominos later. Camo has a little trouble counting.
Music played, there were lots of games such as sack races, popcorn eating, hula-hoop and the checkers and dominos for everyone to enjoy. The weather stayed nice most of the afternoon.

I was surprised at the amount of artists that had come to show and sell their paintings. My friend and blog link Susan Richards was there. Another new friend was Bill Warren, who I have written about before, and his very interesting and creative wife Pati. These are just a few of the artists, there are many more I will write about later. A special thanks to the Main Street members that did a tremendous amount of work. Some of these are Kim, Ramona, Rhonda, Denise, Micky, Bill Taylor, Cliff and many, many more. Thank you for working your butt off to have a successful festival. Thank you to the vendors that supplied food that you could not believe.
Pork ribs, crawfish, homemade ice cream, etc that everyone enjoyed. thank you to the musicians that played all afternoon. Denise and I spent a lot of that time sitting with Kim Jones under her tent in the little City Park taking it all in. Almost everyone we knew stopped by to talk and visit. It was a lot of fun to be with people you really like to enjoy a day like that.
As the day drew to an end, the word went out that huge thunderstorms were approaching and the venders hurriedly took down their tents and packed up. The fireworks display was cancelled and the music was stopped until they could be moved indoors. During this time more and people started lining the streets for what they considered the big event of the evening. They crowded the length of the street with men holding their children on their shoulders, laughing and waiting with great excitement. The storm moved closer and lightning flashes became scary and the thunder sounded almost on top of us. Everyone craned their necks southward waiting and finally we heard it. At first it sounded like thunder but the noise stayed steady and grew until we could see the streak of fire and lightning running up the middle of the deserted street. Sparks of lightning flew from his gigantic hooves and reflected off of his massive antlers and the surrounding buildings as Thunderhoof stole the show with his majestic entrance. He stopped in front of the bandstand where Camo was sitting on a velvet throne holding the key to the city in her paws; Thunderhoof reared on his hindlegs, pawed at the sky and headed North into the darkness. People cheered, they threw their hats in the air, ladies cried and children screamed with joy! Then the clouds broke and the rain poured down, sending everyone scurrying for cover. A great end to a wonderful day.


Rhonda B. said...

I still think Camo needed to wear a MarketFest tshirt.

Mommy Cracked said...

I love festivals!