Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hershels's Gulch

In an era of almost crazy economic hard times, many people are starting to take the words and ideas of John Galt seriously for the first time. The catch words up and down the internet are Gulching and Economic Secession. A whole lot of people are suddenly looking for a safe, secure place to ride out the storm without interference.
When we bought the famous Christmas Place, one of the things we laughed about was "Well, if the electricity ever stops we will at least have a safe place to go" or "If the Mongols swarm over everything we have a place to go" Now the saying is "If the motors of the world stop, we have a place to live."
We have over 2000 acres of rich delta land for crops and cattle, gigantic hardwood forest, plentiful game, free running springs and a big lake. We have a nice house and we are very isolated. (don't want no revenoors around bothering folks)
I suggest anyone serious about Gulching look to the South. Good climate, fertile soil, natural resources, low land cost and a whole lot of people that basically already live in a Galt's Gulch type environment.
Good Luck to everyone.


Big Al said...

When I did live in the country this was a concern, and sort of security blanket for me. Had woods to hunt, land to garden, pasture to raise animals, and a large pond that was more than adaquate to feed us in a pinch. A well supplied my water. Solar, batteries, and a generator could have easily supplyed my electric needs. A fireplace for my heat. Sadly I moved back to the city (town, village, hole, whatever this is...) There's a certain safety that comes with solitude.

Matt said...

Funny, when I "met" you Rex, I said to myself 'Well at least I'll have a safe place to go if..." I wasn't actually planning on buying land, just freeloading off you!