Thursday, May 07, 2009

Toby Tubby Preview

While researching Chief Toby Tubby I have discovered a great story and
possibly a great number of things that I should have left alone. These are a few of the things that have happened that you will read about later.
1. A beautiful Indian girl passing as white that takes charge when her father, Toby Tubby, is killed in a knife fight.
2. A very strange church service, unfathomable in that time.
3. A slave that escapes being buried alive, becomes the patriarch of one of the finest black families in Lafayette Co.
4. A beautiful curator that is threatened and her car burned.
5. A journal that gives an eyewitness account of the funeral.
6. A link to a strange and significant Indian symbol.
7. Someone does not want me to continue my research and is looking for the treasure.
8. A night out that turns to tradgedy.
9. The secrets of Thacker Mountain and the group that lives there.
10. An old Indian that actually went to the burial site as a child.
11. A terrible meeting in the woods
12. What happened at the end of my research.


James "Used forklifts" Henry said...

Sounds interesting!
Thank you for sharing!

Ed Meek said...

Please contact me and share the information you have on Chief Toby Tubby. I am researching him and you have some great information. My address is I live in Oxford, MS.