Friday, September 25, 2009

Bad Day At Black Rock

Needless to say it is still raining. It always rains on the unloved. No, I do not want to talk about it. I am still so mad I could spit in a wild hog's eye.
Yes, I am going to camp, will probably drown.
no planting, no disking, no doing crap.
Think I will drink all weekend.


KeesKennis said...

You said: People think I drink a lot.

TRUE ? some deer years ago.

And now this.

The drunken DeerMaster from BeerCrampLog got into big troubles when he tried to float his small tractor and trailer on a BIG lake that formed on his corn fields.

He is so lucky that a big fat overgrown deer let him climb onto his back and upon the the promise to "Nevah hahm Hihm", the big fat overgrown deer set Rex down on his lawn.
Do you think Rex will keep his promise?

Editor said...

where is a good baboon when you really just need to drink, sit and talk?
as for that deer.....

Phillip said...

Sounds like time for a remake of the old Merle Haggard tune!