Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scenes From Work Camp 2

Saturday night we were worn out from a full day of work. Mark had brought steaks for dinner and Burney cooked them to perfection. We ate hearty that night. Paul was really hungry from his loooong day of work.
We watched a few football games on the tube and headed to bed.

Did I mention that Mark tore up the Gator.
That old gator has covered a lot of miles down there and serves as our work vehicle.
No one was upset, those steaks were good!
He tried to blame it on Thunderhoof saying he
was attacked. We all hooted at him.

It rained Saturday night and we slept in. Later Sunday morning the rain stopped and Mark, Burney and I headed to the north Cornfield to finish putting the window in that stand. After that we stopped by the Pond stand. (Shhh..it is red hot)and got Burney fixed up for opening day of archery season.

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Andy said...

The place is really shaping up nicely again! Good luck this year, be safe.