Monday, September 14, 2009

Scenes From Work Camp 1

The morning started off the same as usual.
Everyone got ready to go to work and Paul went hunting.
He did get this really nice hog on the Point Stand
and he was through for the day.

Meanwhile, the people who actually work got busy. Here is Trent getting jiggy with the tractor and disk.

Mark and I started putting the wheat out and
working on stands. Each stand needs new gunrests
and all shooting lanes cleared.
Here is Mark working on Marians Stand at the
Arrowhead Field.
Burney showed up at lunch and we managed to get about half of the fields done Saturday. Paul (Squire) Howell kept us posted on the football scores.
All of the fields we completed had the stands in good shape and we are waiting for Matt and his boys to choose their spots for Youth Weekend.

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Marian Love Phillips said...

Congrats to Paul on his hog kill and looks like Trent loves to ride on that blue tractor! Appreciate you and Mark getting me ready to hunt on the Arrowhead Stand. Hopefully, this year I will harvest a deer. ;)
PS: Last deer season was a bummer for me! :(